Our Most Commonly Asked Questions On Christmas Closures And Staffing

Regardless of whether your business shuts down over Christmas or remains open, managing requests for Christmas leave is a delicate task. To help you, here are the answers to our most commonly asked questions. ___________________ Q: I’m closing my business for 2 weeks over the Christmas period. Can I tell my  ..

How To Handle The Social Media Hangover Post

You may be surprised to learn how common it is for employees to brag about a fabulous night out on social media and then call in sick the next day. Recently a young staff member even tagged his boss in a photo showing him surrounded by multiple, empty shot glasses. The following day he took sick leave. No surprises th ..

Three Lessons from Hollywood

Over recent months, many prominent Hollywood figures have been accused of sexual harassment or revealed they have been the victim of such behaviour. But sexual misconduct is not confined to Hollywood. Here are 3 lessons every Australian business should learn about sexual harassment in the workplace. Lesson 1 &n ..

Managing Passive-Aggressive Team Members

Sometimes it’s the little things that can undermine your authority as a leader or manager. This is particularly so if a team member behaves in a passive-aggressive manner. Passive-aggressive behaviour takes many forms but typical signs are: Frequent eye-rolling at meetings Non-compliance and ignoring i ..

Gratitude And Appreciation – Essential Management Tools

When you are dealing with poor performance or difficult staff members, it’s easy to assume they don’t value hard work and don’t believe in the value of doing a job well. But in most cases, people want to feel they are making a contribution that’s recognised and appreciated. That’s where gratitud ..

Is There A Business Case For Becoming A Purpose-Lead Business?

For a few years now, there has been a lot of talk about developing a purpose-driven business. That may be OK for the “big end of town”, but is it really achievable for your average Australian SME? In the book Why Purpose Matters (, 9 CEOs share their experiences on how &ldquo ..

Do You Have A Jekyll And Hyde Lurking In Your Workplace?

Occasionally you may come across a person who is loved by senior management but hated by subordinates. If this describes someone working in your business, you have a problem. In independent studies, researchers Tim Field and Dr Robert Hare found “serial bullies” share many of the same traits as psychopaths ..

What Do You Do When Good Staff Stop Performing?

There are many reasons why good staff members become poor performers and sometimes the cause is an illness. While you may have the greatest compassion for them, you still have a business to run. What do you do when they are absent from work more often than they are present? Step 1 Understand this is not a ..