10 Steps To Recruiting The Best Candidate For Your Business

The reality is, recruiting new staff is a highly personal process. Not only does the successful candidate need to have a particular skill set (or the ability to quickly acquire certain skills). You also need a new employee to fit the culture and interpersonal dynamics of your team or workplace. But this leaves employers pote ..

Do Employees Receive Sick Pay If They Miss An Overtime Shift?

It happens all the time. A staff member agrees to work overtime and then gets sick. That leaves the tricky question of “Are they entitled to receive sick pay?” The short answer is yes. The employee is entitled to receive sick pay if they have agreed to work additional hours as overtime but are too ill to w ..

The Good News About Keeping Staff

Staff leave organisations for a variety of reasons. Often it’s to chase a pay rise. But it may surprise you to learn happy, engaged and productive workers are attracted by other factors. This is great news if you are a small or medium sized business. It means you could offer employee benefits that will cost you ver ..

Culture Disruptors – Nip Them In The Bud

A harmonious team, all working together to achieve the same goals… That’s the ideal but unfortunately, this idyllic workplace rarely exists. In most businesses, the daily reality includes: - Personality clashes - Inappropriate behaviour (which covers a wide variety of actions) - Poor performance  ..

Peer Feedback Can Supplement Management Feedback

Traditionally, management has been solely responsible for providing performance reviews, feedback and praise. This will always be important. However, the helicopter generation – those who have been closely supervised by their parents – typically need far more support and feedback than their line managers have tim ..

A Step-By-Step Guide To Managing A Resignation

In HR, everything has a process so here’s our guide on what to do when you hear the words “I Quit”? Cooling Off Period Sometimes things are said in the heat of the moment and the words “I quit” are often uttered at these times. However, as an employer, you have an obligation to  ..

Breaking News: Minimum Wage Now 3% Higher!

From the first full pay period beginning on or after 1 July, the new minimum adult wage will be $740.80 per week or $19.49 per hour. This minimum wage increase applies to all Modern Awards. In addition, you’ll need to ensure wages for the following employee categories are equal to (or higher than) the ..

Workplace Absurdity – What It Is And How To Remove It

According to the Cambridge English Dictionary, the word “Absurdity” means stupid or unreasonable and according to Carys Chan, Assoc. Professor at RMIT University, workplaces often suffer from absurdity. Could It Apply To Your Business? Chan offers some examples of workplace absurdity which include: -  ..