Will Artificial Intelligence Technology Mean The End Of Your Job?

Every now and again, a new technology threatens to change the world forever. Are you familiar with any of these technological doomsday predictions? Audio tapes will kill radio – Well radio is still around but audio tapes have disappeared. Video will destroy the cinema industry – Well no. Cinemas are sti ..

Longer Work Days ≠ Increased Productivity!

Rather than increasing productivity, working longer hours is leading to burnout and adversely affecting retention rates. Research has now revealed full-time Australian workers are working an average 42.25 hours a week – that’s over 4 hours more than the standard employment contract of 38 hours per week. Working f ..

How Much Does Staff Turnover Cost Your Business?

A recent survey found Australian businesses are spending (on average) $23,753 on recruitment, training and operational costs every time they lose a staff member. The survey, conducted by the Institute of Managers and Leaders, illustrates there are sound business reasons for offering flexible work arrangements, on-goi ..

How Poor Cultural Fit Affects Performance

Have you ever noticed how one “bad apple” can change a workplace? Or perhaps you have worked with someone who seems to annoy the rest of the team. That’s poor cultural fit and it’s the beginning of a deep, dark time guzzler for any manager trying to maintain team productivity. In fact, nearly 25%  ..

Unplanned Leave Is On The Rise

Here Are Five Steps To Help Manage It The 2017 Absence Management and Wellbeing Survey found short-term absenteeism (also known as unplanned leave or personal leave) has increased to 9.7 days per employee per year. So how should you manage this type of short-term absenteeism? Here’s our Five-Step Guide.  ..

How To Manage An Absent Worker Under Modern Awards

Sometimes workers fail to turn up to work without an explanation. As an employer, that’s a messy situation to manage. Of course, the first thing you need to do (as a matter of urgency) makes contact with the absent employee and/or their emergency contact person. But if no-one can be reached, there are strict pro ..

Missing in Action!

What To Do When Staff Don’t Return From Leave How diligent are you at keeping employee records – in particular, next-of-kin or emergency details and leave dates? As Australia comes to the end of its peak holiday season, some businesses are finding an employee or two have failed to return to work when expec ..

Our Most Commonly Asked Questions On Christmas Closures And Staffing

Regardless of whether your business shuts down over Christmas or remains open, managing requests for Christmas leave is a delicate task. To help you, here are the answers to our most commonly asked questions. ___________________ Q: I’m closing my business for 2 weeks over the Christmas period. Can I tell my  ..