Five Tips to Manage Christmas Holiday Shut Downs

For many industries, the Christmas-New Year period can be so quiet it makes sense to shut down operations. Here are 5 tips to help you manage your Christmas holiday shut down. 1. Check if you can direct staff to take annual leave If you wish to close down between Christmas and the New Year, you can direct ..

Work-life balance – Is it a myth?

Permanent full-time or part-time employment is becoming harder to find in the current Australian workforce. Now terms such as zero-hour (casual work usually available at short notice) and gig work (short-term, temporary employment) are becoming commonplace. This trend is creating a philosophy of “work now wh ..

Sexual harassment – a workplace psychological hazard

The impact of sexual harassment is now recognised as having the potential to become a serious psychological hazard. With 1 in 4 Australian women reporting they were sexually harassed at work, it’s likely your organisation will be faced with this issue. With the party season rapidly approaching, now is the tim ..

Poor Performance From Key Personnel

Very often I find key personnel are allowed to behave differently to others in an organisation. It’s easy to understand – they are doing a great job and will be hard to replace so no-one wants to rock the boat in case they leave. But their poor behaviour and management’s tolerance of that behaviour c ..

Why Are Your Staff Working At Home?

If staff are regularly taking work home to “catch up”, you may be contravening the Fair Work Act - even if you haven’t asked them to do this work at home. It comes down to the operational needs of their role and whether you, as the employer, are asking them to work an unreasonable number of hours. T ..

Calling An Employee “Casual” Doesn’t Mean They Are

Calling an employee “a casual” in their employment contract doesn’t mean they are. In fact a recent landmark Federal Court case examined when an employee is deemed to be casual under the National Employment Standard (NES). The ruling has the potential to impact casual employment contracts across all  ..

5 Tips For Conducting Effective Candidate Reference Checks

Hiring the right person for your business is all about mindset … Your mindset! Too often, managers and business owners are so anxious to fill a position, they downplay the risks of making a mistake. One of the most significant risks is the loss of productive hours required to manage the “wrong” perso ..

Offering Flexible Working Arrangements Expands Your Obligations

Providing staff with more flexible working arrangements is rapidly becoming the norm in many industries. But it comes with increasing legal complexity for employers. Here are 3 things you need to consider when offering flexible working arrangements for your team. 1. Protecting confidential information and/or intell ..

From Our Desk

From Our Desk - Real Situations, Real Clients One of our clients was recently taken to the Fair Work Commission by an employee. This employee was paid above award rates and we ensured their employment agreement contained very clear expected working hours. During a busy period, our client asked the employee to wor ..