Want Productive Staff But Don’t Know How To Find Them? Read On…

Most of us need to work to earn an income but there are many factors that determine what job we choose and why we stay with an organisation. When recruiting new staff, identifying their motivators can really help to identify whether they will be as productive as we hope. The key is to match what they think is important to th ..

Estimated Cost Of Mental Illness To NSW Business = $2.8 Billion P.A.

We all think “it will never happen to me” but the reality is bad things happen every day. It’s the same with mental illness in the workplace. With 45% of Australians experiencing mental illness in their lifetime, there is almost a 1 in 2 chance that it could be you, someone you work with or employ. In f ..

Mindfulness Programs – A Productivity Tool Worth Considering

For many years, the focus has been on keeping workers safe and more recently on how to best manage the mental health of our teams. But we are beginning to see a new emphasis emerge – maintaining the health and performance of our most productive workers and managers. Why? That’s easy! Investing in staff we ..

Do You Have A Narcissist Working For You?

Employee problems can happen at any level of an organisation – even senior management. Unfortunately for employers, some of the most charismatic and charming team members will also be narcissists and, they may even be managing other employees. So what do you do if you have a narcissist working in your organisation ..

Can a Contractor Make An Unfair Dismissal Claim?

The short answer is “Yes” if the employer doesn’t follow the letter of the contract and/or has a poorly worded contract. Here’s what happened in Newton v Lendlease Engineering Pty Ltd (2018). Employment Contracts Must Be Specific An employee was engaged under an employment contract  ..

Patience and Good Record Keeping Are a Virtue

Managing employee conduct and performance can be draining if you are dealing with someone who fails to change their behaviour. It’s easy for a business owner or line manager to lose patience and act with haste. But a recent Fair Work case proved there are significant benefits for an employer if they follow due process  ..

Ho Ho. Oh No!

Work Christmas parties! It’s when management and staff get together for a few drinks and some fun. But it’s the relaxed, informal atmosphere of the work Christmas party that can “inspire” inappropriate behaviour, coarse humour and ill-chosen words. Then there are the photos and comments posted on soci ..

Five Tips to Manage Christmas Holiday Shut Downs

For many industries, the Christmas-New Year period can be so quiet it makes sense to shut down operations. Here are 5 tips to help you manage your Christmas holiday shut down. 1. Check if you can direct staff to take annual leave If you wish to close down between Christmas and the New Year, you can direct ..

Work-life balance – Is it a myth?

Permanent full-time or part-time employment is becoming harder to find in the current Australian workforce. Now terms such as zero-hour (casual work usually available at short notice) and gig work (short-term, temporary employment) are becoming commonplace. This trend is creating a philosophy of “work now wh ..

Sexual harassment – a workplace psychological hazard

The impact of sexual harassment is now recognised as having the potential to become a serious psychological hazard. With 1 in 4 Australian women reporting they were sexually harassed at work, it’s likely your organisation will be faced with this issue. With the party season rapidly approaching, now is the tim ..