5 Tips For Conducting Effective Candidate Reference Checks

Hiring the right person for your business is all about mindset … Your mindset! Too often, managers and business owners are so anxious to fill a position, they downplay the risks of making a mistake. One of the most significant risks is the loss of productive hours required to manage the “wrong” perso ..

Offering Flexible Working Arrangements Expands Your Obligations

Providing staff with more flexible working arrangements is rapidly becoming the norm in many industries. But it comes with increasing legal complexity for employers. Here are 3 things you need to consider when offering flexible working arrangements for your team. 1. Protecting confidential information and/or intell ..

From Our Desk

From Our Desk - Real Situations, Real Clients One of our clients was recently taken to the Fair Work Commission by an employee. This employee was paid above award rates and we ensured their employment agreement contained very clear expected working hours. During a busy period, our client asked the employee to wor ..

Family & Domestic Violence Leave Now Applies

Modern awards have been varied to include 5 days unpaid family and domestic violence leave each year. All employees (including casual workers) are entitled to this leave if they are covered by an industry or occupation based award. It begins from the first full pay period on or after 1 August 2018. Family and d ..

Missed A Super Guarantee Payment? Take Advantage Of The Amnesty

In late June, the House of Representatives passed retrospective legislation giving employers Amnesty for missed super guarantee payments. It's expected the bill will pass the Senate to become law. The Amnesty is a one-off opportunity for employers to admit they missed past super guarantee payments and to correct any shor ..

Minimum Wage Increases By 3.5%

Will This Affect Your Staff? In the 2018 Annual Wage Review, the Fair Work Commission increased the minimum wage by 3.5%. It may take the Commission 2-3 weeks to update the pay rates for each award. However, once the new rates are available, you will need to act fast because they apply from the first full pay per ..

Millions Of Reasons You Need To Care!

One in six working-age people have a mental health condition so chances are, you will need to deal with it! Failing your legal obligations will cost you dearly with large fines and the potential for imprisonment! That’s right. Individual employers can be fined $600,000 or 5 years’ imprisonment while corporat ..

Myth Busting! Top Three Myths For Employing Young Workers

Young workers may not have much work experience but they have the same rights as any other worker. Unfortunately, there are a few myths around employing young people. Here’s what you need to know: Myth 1 – Young Workers Can Agree To Forgo Penalty Rates This is absolutely FALSE. There are minimum pay ..