Poor Performance From Key Personnel

Very often I find key personnel are allowed to behave differently to others in an organisation. It’s easy to understand – they are doing a great job and will be hard to replace so no-one wants to rock the boat in case they leave.

But their poor behaviour and management’s tolerance of that behaviour can cost the business in other ways.

I recently helped a client with their high performing salesperson. There was a history of poor communication and follow up with this particular salesperson but the revenue she brought in was too important to the business.

When the sales rep asked to work remotely because her family was relocating, the business agreed. However this has amplified the negative impact of her behaviour and is now causing significant morale issues with other staff members. Incidentally, many of them are achieving similar sales results and so their departure will also hurt the business.

What do you do?

All businesses are the sum of their entire team so it’s reasonable to expect everyone follows the same procedures and behaviour expectations. When a member of the team steps out of line, they need to be reminded of your organisation’s expectations.

It’s these parameters that help to create the culture and team cohesiveness that’s so important to a business.

Don’t fall into the trap of believing a remote staff member or a high-flyer can be treated differently to other team members. Productive teams understand the value of all members and rely on management to enforce those values.

Help is just a phone call away

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