Will Artificial Intelligence Technology Mean The End Of Your Job?

Every now and again, a new technology threatens to change the world forever. 

Are you familiar with any of these technological doomsday predictions?

  • Audio tapes will kill radio – Well radio is still around but audio tapes have disappeared.
  • Video will destroy the cinema industry – Well no. Cinemas are still around and videos were made obsolete by DVDs and later download technology.
  • What about vinyl records and record players? They adapted to the technology. Now music enthusiasts play vinyl on their digital players.

Do We Need To Worry About Artificial Intelligence (AI) And Robots In The Workforce?

Robotic technology has been around for many decades and yes, it has reduced the number of people required on production lines around the world. But they haven’t removed the need for people in manufacturing.

Nor would anyone suggest the use of robotics will negate the need for highly trained surgical staff in our hospitals. If anything, this new medical technology has allowed medical teams to do their job better than they could before. It has also improved patient outcomes and increased the need for highly specialised training.

Along the way robotics in medicine has created new job opportunities in things like:

  • Service and maintenance of medical robotic equipment
  • Manufacture and installation of this specialised machinery
  • Research and development to improve and expand current technologies

It’s the same with Artificial Intelligence (AI). It’s already here with things like digital assistants and self-driving vehicles. Even areas like property management are being affected as AI programs are being developed to scan and store lease information to streamline lease enquiries for large portfolio managers.

So rather than panic, let’s embrace the change as it evolves. And the reality is, we will still need to manage people and navigate the complexities of employment law. For help with this, contact the team of experts at End2End Business Solutions on 02 8977 4002.